About Me

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3904-225x300.jpgI grew up in a small town in Oklahoma where I developed a love of reading. There was not a lot else to do there except on Friday nights when the stadium or gym lights came on.

When my dad brought back presents from business trips, mine was always a book. I received an award in the third grade for reading over one hundred books during the school year. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone that I read over 125 books that year.

persephone-and-hadesMythology fascinated me, and I read all the Roman and Greek myths while in the fifth grade.

As I writer, I realize every story has been written, and there are only fresh versions published today. I look to mythology for a base for each of my books.

I majored in math and statistics in college, and learned that learned that figures don’t lie, but a lot of liars can figure. IBM hired me, and I worked in a field office. After a few years, they promoted me to headquarters where the rubber meets the sky. Responsible for strategic planning for an industry segment, I wrote my first fiction and named it Five Year Sales Forecast. I traveled all over the country, and even to Denmark and Sydney while with IBM. The Pacific Northwest became my favorite area and I wanted to relocate there, but the opportunity didn’t come until my daughter graduated from high school.

Watch Workmoved to a small town in the Seattle area, where I live with my two Maltese dogs. They like to be in the same room when I work, and sometimes become more involved with my writing than is productive.

Several years ago, I moved to the Northeast to be closer to my daughter. My dogs still keep me company, and they are jealous of the attention my laptop gets.

My writing career began several years ago when I decided to write stories. As a single mother for over twenty years, I’ve always been aware of potential kidnapping and sexual abuse. A few years ago it became crystal clear to me that all my stories will touch on crimes against children and human trafficking, the two crimes that bother me the most.