The Crossing (Bosch & Haller) by Michael Connelly

KK Conley Review

Harry Bosch dips a toe in the Darkside    

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I finished this book at five in the morning.

The Crossing is Michael Connelly at his best because he delves into the minds of both the criminal and former LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, and Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller and Harry join forces. Pushed into retirement, Harry must pursue this case without LAPD resources. He joins his brother Mickey to gain access to the murder book and other evidence against Haller’s client.

Connelly opens when Ellis and Long force a motorcyclist into oncoming traffic. Ellis tells Long that he’s preventing a problem. The reader knows only the two men’s names, but nothing else about them, or who the motorcycle rider is, or why he poses a threat these two.

Bosch arrives early at the courthouse for a meeting with Haller to discuss his case against LAPD for wrongful termination, and he watches the Lincoln Lawyer show as Haller rips apart the prosecution’s case.

Over lunch to discuss Harry’s case, Mickey tells Harry about another client who he knows is innocent. He tells Harry just enough to get him to agree to read the murder book and give an opinion.

Harry agrees, but tells Haller that’s as far as he’ll go because he can’t work against the DA after his thirty plus years of building prosecution cases. Harry reads the book, and can’t see The Crossing, the place where the defendant and the victim crossed paths. The prosecution case appears solid because they found the defendant’s semen on the victim’s body.

Connelly writes Loose ends and unexplained details always bothered Bosch. Unanswered questions. They were the bane of the homicide detective’s life. Sometimes they were big questions, sometimes not, but they were always a pebble in the shoe.

Harry is driven to work the case because, if the defendant is innocent, there is a killer running around LA, and nobody is looking for him. It’s against Harry’s nature to leave that alone.

The only way Harry can chase the killer is to work with his brother, and this crossover to the dark side leads to Harry’s internal conflict, and some nasty e-mails from former colleagues. He agrees to work for Haller as a PI under the license of Haller’s regular investigator, who remains in the hospital after a motorcycle accident. Harry never tells anyone he interviews that he is an LAPD detective, but if they make that assumption, he doesn’t correct them.

Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors because his stories are tense page turners, and his writing sparks with phrases like:

It was the kind of place that probably looked shabby on the day it opened in the 1940s and has only gone downhill from there. The kind that serves as a last-stop shelter before the car became primary domicile.

Long was wrong.

Harry maintains his sometimes sarcastic attitude. He has very different priorities than Mickey. Harry drives to identify the killer and build a case against him, and Haller wants his defendant found not guilty. Even with these different priorities, Harry gains respect for his half-brother as they work together.

-K K Conley

Booklist Online Review

Harry Bosch has been forced into retirement by his enemies within the LAPD, and he’s not taking it well. As he sits in his house in the Hollywood Hills and looks down at the traffic, “the slow moving river of steel and light,” he knows that’s where he belongs. His half-brother, lawyer Mickey Haller, star of Connelly’s parallel series, offers Harry a way back into the game, but it comes at a high price: working for a defense lawyer after a career as a cop means going over to the dark side. Reluctantly, Bosch agrees to investigate the case against a former gang-banger seemingly turned straight, whose DNA was found on and in the body of a high-profile woman murdered in her bed. If Harry finds evidence suggesting the accused is guilty, he goes to the cops, mitigating somewhat the dark-side worries. What follows is a tour de force of criminal detection. Connelly painstakingly and brilliantly shows Bosch slogging after the truth, eventually recognizing that an expensive watch that the victim attempted to get repaired somehow holds the key to the case and then following this wispy filament of a lead on a circuitous path to the killers But the appeal here isn’t all cerebral; the novel concludes with a stunning, bullets-flying set piece in which careful investigation turns suddenly to intense action, almost like a nuclear physicist’s blackboard formulas exploding into atomic bombs. As always, Connelly’s blackboard work is as precise as his finale is exciting.

HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With the popular and critically acclaimed TV series Bosch adding to Connelly’s celebrity, his total-copies-sold figure of “more than 60 million” will soon need to recalculated, yet again.

— Bill Ott

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Amazon Description

Harry Bosch crosses the line to team up with Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller in the new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly.

Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. A woman has been brutally murdered in her bed and all evidence points to Haller’s client, a former gang member turned family man. Though the murder rap seems ironclad, Mickey is sure it’s a setup.

Bosch doesn’t want anything to do with crossing the aisle to work for the defense. He feels it will undo all the good he’s done in his thirty years as a homicide cop. But Mickey promises to let the chips fall where they may. If Harry proves that his client did it, under the rules of discovery, they are obliged to turn over the evidence to the prosecution.

Though it goes against all his instincts, Bosch reluctantly takes the case. The prosecution’s file just has too many holes and he has to find out for himself: if Haller’s client didn’t do it, then who did? With the secret help of his former LAPD partner Lucy Soto, Harry starts digging. Soon his investigation leads him inside the police department, where he realizes that the killer he’s been tracking has also been tracking him.

Thrilling, fast-paced, and impossible to put down, The Crossing shows without a shadow of doubt that Connelly is “a master of building suspense” (Wall Street Journal).

4.3 out of 5 stars, 600+ reviews


4.28 out of 5 stars, 3,000+ ratings

Michael Connelly’s Description

Harry Bosch teams up with Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller in the new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly,Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. The murder rap against his client seems ironclad, but Mickey is sure it’s a setup. Though it goes against all his instincts, Bosch takes the case. With the secret help of his former LAPD partner Lucia Soto, he turns the investigation inside the police department. But as Bosch gets closer to discovering the truth, he makes himself a target.The Crossing is now available in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It is available in print, eBook, and audio formats. For a special limited edition, contact SCV Publications.